Free SVG Monograms: A Decorating Obsession

Monogram Obsession:

A lot of people would claim that the Southern states more genuinely love monograms. While that is probably pretty true, I would have to say that this Midwest Girl is thoroughly obsessed. To get to know all of you better, I have to be honest: my name is Brooke, and I LOVE putting monograms on everything…

However, knowing my initials will be changing has put purchasing my obsession on hold. However, this has not stopped my enthusiasm for them. I collect digital monogram frame files; I hoard fonts that make cute initials; and I have even thought about buying an embroidery machine so that I can put more monograms on things like curtains, towels, socks, etc. I ended up purchasing a Cricut instead, but I still fantasize about how spectacular my throw pillows would look with a little-embroidered love.

Monograms: Some of my favorite frames.

While I try and talk myself into the reasons why I need the before-mentioned machine, I thought I would share some of my favorite monogram frames that I use on my Cricut. All of the files are in the SVG format, so get your mats and vinyl ready, ladies! You can simply upload the files into Design Space and you can easily use any of the Cricut machines. These are FREE to download so knock yourself out! Also, if you don’t already, I would highly suggest subscribing to They have free, surprise and flash SVG Freebies every day that are for both personal and commercial use. (I am not being paid at all for their callout… just want to share their awesomeness!)

Happy Crafting!

P.S. If you have any questions about what vinyl to use on specific surfaces, feel free to ask me, or I will be posting about the different types soon!


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