Current Home: My First Step to Starting Over

With any lifestyle blog, you have to share the home you are currently updating, so I thought I would share mine. However, one thing you will notice is that my house is a lot less grandiose compared to other blogs. But I’m proud of it and for excellent reasons.

Whenever you are getting the latest celebrity dirt, you hear of horrible divorces where the two parties are fighting over millions of dollar settlements, homes, and monthly alimony/child support payments I would love to make in a year, let alone 4 measly weeks… In my real-world, unglamorous, on-going divorce, I left with mountains of debt and a damaged credit score. Yay! GO ME!!!!

But I also have was a fantastic job, a tiny amount in my 401K, and a super supportive mom and step-dad with space to spare. So, I packed up the kids and what was left of my life to set out for a new adventure. I temporarily moved into my mom’s house so I could save my pennies, but with an urgency to find a home for the three of us. The ‘new beginning’ house had to be a manageable size, in the right school district, and have a room for each of the kids.

The First Step to My New Life:

I guess I was going for the overly symbolic effect, but I decided to build a new home, so like my myself, would have a fresh start. While it is only a little over 1,400 square feet, it would be mine. So I picked a floor plan with an excellent builder and started the process. I made all the decisions from the flooring, cabinets, and door handles to putting a giant chandelier in my bedroom. (I do what I want! J/k)

Whether your current home is a small new start, temporary rental, or Barbie’s Dreamhouse, own it and stand proud because it’s yours. I just hope that my projects can help you to personalize your space and empower you to try new things.

Here are some more pictures of the house throughout construction. I will post an inside house tour soon so stay tuned!

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