Getting Back to My Faith

My family started going to my church the summer before I began third grade. My mom, being raised by a pastor, was always the spiritual leader in our household. I would fight her tooth and nail in an attempt to not have to get out of bed on Sunday morning. While my efforts to stay in bed very rarely were fruitful, today, I am thankful for my mom’s perseverance.

Why Faith is Important!

When dealing with a loss or trauma in your life, it is easy to let it debilitate and/or cause you to feel like a victim. This behavior can start into a downward spiral that is close to impossible to stop. While I am not perfect. I’m actually far from it. I made a conscious decision to move forward and get back to my faith. God’s grace is beautiful and something I do not deserve, but I know through grace, I can truly heal.

Tomorrow marks one month since Ben passed. While I am not close to complete healing, I am working towards it every day. One thing that has helped is to have visual reminders around me throughout the day. Here is a printable I created with scripture that speaks directly to what I am going through Genesis 28:15.
“I am with you and will keep you wherever you go…”

You can download the free printable here: Genesis-28-15
It is a high-resolution file you can print on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper and placed into your favorite frame.

What are some of your favorite Bible verses that get you through hard times?

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Hello, I’m Brooke, a working mom and aspiring sane member of society. I love being creative, wrangling my children and sharing my story. I feel like a mad hatter because of all the different hats I have to wear on a daily basis. I work full-time in marketing and try to balance all of the great things this life throws at me. The greatest lesson I have learned is it takes a better person to be kind than to be hurtful and try to live every day with that in mind.

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