Porch Makeover: It’s Fall Y’All

I need to update my entryway!

With the leaves beginning to change and the hopes of cool weather setting in, I noticed that my front porch needs some love. Who am I kidding, my porch needs a lot of love! So why not use my favorite season’s arrival as an excuse to get creative in this neglected space? This is my single momma palace after all!

I had a couple of items that I had picked up at a couple of my favorite spots that I knew I wanted to use in the fall decor. The first was a small, chipped paint table I had found at a local antique mall. While it needs a bit of love, I couldn’t pass it up for $20!

The other things I wanted to include were two terracotta pots I grabbed from IKEA. While they are great in their original state, it would be fun to spruce them up a bit to coordinate with the theme. And for $3.99 a piece, I didn’t think I could go wrong.

I’ll be posting the DIY projects for these items soon, so stay tuned for how they transform!

Inspiration from other porch scapes.

While I have a pretty good idea of what I want to accomplish, I, of course, took a look at a couple of my favorite blogs for inspiration. Here are some of my adored fall porches I found:

{Serendipity Refined}

I loved the combination of blues and oranges that give it a balanced feel. I also liked the texture added through the use of baskets and planters.

{Hymns & Verses}

I am starting to notice a theme with the front porches I adore… orange and blue! I also like the addition of the signs, chalkboard, and lanterns. I also think the wreath is a great addition that pulls a lot of the elements together.

{Cottage in the Oaks}

While the fall decorations in this post are on point, can we just take a moment to admire the porch by itself? #porchgoals The use of rustic items with fun fall favorites makes this entrance super inviting. I really like the use of garland to frame the door and draw in your eye.

I am so excited to show everyone how this finally comes together!!! What are some of your favorite fall items to decorate with on your front porch?




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