Fall Porch Makeover Reveal!

I shared my inspiration and motivation for updating my otherwise, super-boring porch with festive fall decor in my previous post Porch Makeover: It’s Fall Y’All. Well, it is DONE!!! Therefore, I am so excited to share the results with you and let you see the transformation.

Quick note: for all you fall haters: you decorate for Christmas before the holiday, so why can’t I decorate for before the glorious season change on September 22nd? HA!!!

For everyone who did not see where my porch started, here is the haunting picture of where I started:

Porch before makeover…

Of course, I will share all of the individual projects that helped to make this porch come to life, but those will be coming over the next couple of weeks! So without further ado, here is the final result of the porch and I couldn’t be happier! I chose colors that compliment the colors of my house exterior and aligned with the warm feelings of the season. I chose a garland that added texture and a visual ‘POP’ to bring your eye up and not focus on all of the items on the porch. The burlap bow, raffia bow, and hay bales add interest through texture within the chosen color scheme.

The Festive Fall Reveal:

You will notice Rockin’ Rooster who has been with me for the longest time and will always be incorporated into my porch scapes. (Sorry, not sorry! J/k)

Some of the items I purchased:

Some of my favorite porch items I have listed below. Take a look and snag them!

My Porch Decor Picks:


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