I’m Brooke: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

One thing I have always struggled with as a person is talking about myself. I am not that interesting, super sarcastic, and have an ability to offend people without even trying. And just in case you were wondering, offending without trying takes real talent! I digress. However, as a blogger and a person you only know through the internet, I thought it was pretty significant that I share some unique facts. I am taking a moment to tell you some things about myself that you may or may not know.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

I want to know which of these shocked you the most. Comment below to let me know! 🙂

  1. I am one two and four kid families. When I am with my dad, I am the oldest, and there is my biological sister. When I am with my mom, I am the second oldest and have two additional brothers, one older and one younger. They are my stepbrothers, but I have kept them around long enough that I forget that they have that designation.
  2. I was the 2009 Student of the Year at my University. Don’t ask me how I pulled that one off because I didn’t even know I was nominated. I was literally told to show up at an awards show and look nice.
  3. I have been on three continents. (reside in North America, visited South America and Europe.) The sad part was that it was for work and I didn’t get to enjoy my adventures truly.
  4. My relationship statuses are a whirlwind. I have been proposed to four times, but only married once.
  5. I have had more nicknames than I can count during my life so far. Some of my favorites are Pistol, Love Doctor, Brick, Brooklynn, and some not so appropriate others.
  6. I was told by two doctors that I would not be able to have kids. Now I am the proud Momma to a beautiful girl and an adventurous little boy. 
  7. My babies were born 18 months apart. If you are in the process of family planning, I do not recommend.
  8. I love thunderstorms and listening to the rain, especially when I can lay in bed and basque in it.
  9. After all of the traveling I have done, I would rather take a road trip than jump on a plane any day.
  10. I am a sucker for a new font. I cannot get enough .ttf and .oft files and store them in a cloud so I can access them from all of my computers.
  11. I have an art studio in my basement that is a happy place. I paint, craft, and get the creative juices flowing when I am down there. My daughter loves to share the space with me as well.
  12. I may or may not have broken into Faurot Field at Mizzou and laid on the 50-yard line.
  13. In my role as the best big sister in the world, I convinced my little sister that she was adopted because she didn’t look like either one of our parents. She has since admitted that this traumatized her.
  14. My nose was broken when I was in preschool and surgery was required to make sure it healed correctly. In a way, I had a nose job, but not one where I got to chose how I looked afterward.
  15. The wonderful decision, of getting tramp stamp was made when I was 17 years old. I have since had more than 20 hours completed, of a much larger tattoo, completed to cover the other up.
  16. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution and have documentation showing that I am related to Martha Washington, Edgar Allan Poe, and Merriweather Lewis.
  17. While going through my genealogy I discovered that my love of coffee is founded.  I have Starbucks and Folgers in my family tree. Scouts Honor!
  18. You can find me outdoors in my free-time (hahaha what is that?). Fishing, camping, floating, bonfires, horseback riding… you name it, I love it.
  19. When I was little, I wanted to be a vigilante when I grew up.
  20. I truly believe there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with my kiddos when I get them back from their dad’s. I don’t care how many YouTube videos or cartoons I have to watch, having my sweetie pies with me is the best feeling in the world.



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