Confession: I LOVE T-Shirts

In a previous blog post, I shared my obsession with monograms. While that is very true, I did not include the place where my monogram obsession began: t-shirts. The devotion to these wardrobe staples began during my time at Mizzou. You received a t-shirt for simply walking to class, living in a dorm, or attending some amazing party. Everywhere you went you were able to capture a memento of some inconsequential achievement and I loved it! My sense of style was crafted by college participation trophies and you can bet I was damn proud!

Nice Brooke, but why do I care about your t-shirts?

The reason you should care about my t-shirt obsession is that I have been making them for quite some time I have learned a lot of tips and tricks that I thought I would start sharing with all of my lovely followers. These recommendations will be relevant to vinyl, screenprinting, Cricut, and A LOT MORE! This way I can help others who are just getting into the hobby/business be more successful. Stay tuned and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

What to watch for:

I want to be a full resource of information for anyone who wants to dive into this pretty addicting world. I plan to review the different brands of t-shirts, what type of vinyl should be used for specific projects, settings on cutters, and reviews of the tools and equipment. This is so the other craft and t-shirt enthusiasts aren’t wasting money on items that are just going to break or not work at all because this stuff is expensive. I am looking out for you guys! šŸ™‚ What are some questions you would like answered? Is there anything you are dying to know?

Here are some picture of projects I have done:


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