Dating After Divorce: Scariest Thing Ever

When I left my husband, we had already been sleeping in separate beds for 6 years. We maintained appearances and went to family events together, but for all intents and purposes, had been living different lives for years. When I decided on divorce, there were so many horrible things that came with it, but the […]

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Mom Life: Admitting I Needed Help

Today had a great start. I only hit the snooze button twice, the kids cooperated, and we got out the door without forgetting anything! Daycare drop-off went smoothly, and we avoided any meltdowns; so I was in a perfect place to be thankful for my blessings and look forward to a new day. It was […]

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I Decided to Get Out; I Decided on Divorce

The sunrise at the beach that represents my new beginning.

It was May 19th; during a vacation with my family, in Destin, FL. I snuck away to lunch with my mom and two kids. I had just spent the last week in bed and suffering from horrible depression. My mom was able to fabricate an excuse that allowed me to leave the condo, with both […]

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